Pere Llobera (Spanish, B. 1970)

'Mr. Neutron'

signed and dated 'Pere Llobera 2006' (centre right)

inscribed 'Mr Neutron' (lower centre)

oil on canvas

33.3/8 x 47.1/8in. (excluding frame)

37.1/4 x 49.1/8in. (including frame)


Exhibited: Amsterdam, Galerie Fons Welters, Tired of Being Strong, 1 May - 12 June 2010

This painting is a depiction of a moment taken from a Monty Python's Flying Circus episode in 1974 which introduced us to the central character and title of this piece - Mr. Neutron.  Mr. Neutron, the most dangerous man in the world , who leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, is hiding from the authorities in London.  Pursued by F.E.A.R. - the Federal Egg Answering Room - and the CIA, Mr. Neutron engages in typical suburban actives such as drinking tea with neighbours (the moment pictured) and gardening, all the while wearing his bright yellow outfit emblazoned with his name.