Edmond Maurus (French, Fl. 1925 – 1955) 

Heracles de Bourdelle (Hercules), 1928

Inscribed with title, signed and dated ‘E Maurus / 1928’ (lower right) 

Oil on canvas 

47 x 31.1/8in. (119 x 79cm.) 


Price: £9,800


Edmond Maurus is better known for his art deco posters of the early days of aviation for Air France and United States Air. This work was executed in 1928 and depicts the monumental figure of Hercules with his bow. It is a study of Antoine Bourdelle’s sculpture from 1908. What is interesting about this work is that this is a nod to the genesis of art deco. The sculpture has very stylised and angular features which Maurus has picked up on and accentuated by use of a looming shadow in the background. Currently being restored and framed, it is a very powerful image. There were a number of original statues, it is possible that this depicts the version in the Musee Ingres, Montauban.