Lucien Levy-Dhurmer

Baigneuses sous la treille, circa 1900

Oil on canvas

24.1/8 x 19.3/4in. (61 x 50cm.)

Provenance: Ader 1st February 1967, lot 123

Lucien Levy-Dhurmer was a Jewish French symbolist / art nouveau artist who included paintings, drawings, ceramics, furniture and interior design in his oeuvre.  His early career was mainly related to producing ceramics near Cannes.  In 1895 he left for Paris to begin a career in painting. In 1896 he exhibited his first pastels under the name Lucien Levy-Dhurmer, adding the latter to differentiate himself from other artists named Levy. His style of painting his subjects in a haze was well received in Paris at the time.  He captures figures in his compositions lost in a pre-Raphaelite melancholia contrasted with bright impressionist colouration.  Perhaps his most famous works are of Beethoven. Many of his pastels are exhibited in the Musee d’Orsay and other works are in the Musee de Petit Palais.