Keith Vaughan

(British, 1912-1977)

Male figure; Figure in profile; A sexual encounter; and Noughts and Crosses

All with studio stamp `KV’ (on the reverse)

All from the album `MAHLER 1974 Harrow Hall’

All 9.7/8 x 7.1/2 in. (25.1 x 19 cm.) 13.5/8 x 11.1/8in. (34.5 x 28.2cm.) (including frame)

Pencil on paper (3) and pen on paper

A set of 4

Provenance: Professor John Ball

Newly presented in black and silver frames behind glass, floated from white back.

A self taught artist, Vaughan was a conscientious objector during the war and joined the St John Ambulance.  He was then conscripted to the non-combatant corps.  Vaughan’s first exhibitions took place in the war, notably the wall at Ashton Gifford (Manchester Art Gallery).  During the war he formed close friendships with Graham Sutherland and John Minton.  Through these contacts he became part of the neo-romantic circle of the immediate post-war period.  Shortly after he began to concentrate on the male form.  He taught at Camberwell, the Central School of Art, and later at the Slade.  Vaughan is also known for his journals, extensively published after his death in 1977.  A gay man troubled by his sexuality, he was diagnosed with cancer in 1975.  He committed suicide in 1977 recording his last moments in his diary as the drug overdose took affect.   A centenary of Vaughan’s birth was celebrated at the Pallant House Gallery, Chichester (Keith Vaughan ‘Romanticism to abstraction’).  These drawings fall into that description perfectly and are increasingly collectible.

Price: £6,200