Jean Fusaro (French, b. 1925)

Chevaux en course, (Horse racing)

Oil on canvas

Signed ‘Fusaro’ (upper right)

23.3/4 x 32 in. (60.4 x 81.2 cm.)

Price: £5,100

Born in Marseille, France in 1925, Jean Fusaro studied in the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (National School of Fine Arts in Lyon). His exceptional gift in painting naturally sent him on the road toward becoming an artist, and he won various awards, including the Biennale de Menton (Menton Biennale), Prix Fénéon (Feneon Prize) and the Prix de la Jeune Peinture (Young Painters’ Prize). He has been invited to the exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, New York and various cities since 1950. Fusaro, in his early years, was regarded as an important member of the “Lyon School,” along with A. Cottavoz and J. Truphemus. Later, Fusaro and Cottavoz became representative painters of the Parisian Neo-Figurative School. They were influenced by Post-Impressionism and the expression of light in the works of P. Bonnard, a representative artist of Les Nabis. Fusaro, even more than the others, creates directly with white to represent the rhythm between light and shadow.

Fusaro inherits the simplified and deformed decorative style of the French avant-garde Les Nabis school, which stressed the expression of poetic reality in painting. Fusaro’s works are well-acclaimed, collected in the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts, the Yamagata Museum, the Nagoya City Art Museum, and by various private collectors.