German School, 18th Century

‘Portrait of Frederik II (The Great) King of Prussia (1712-1786) on a campaign'

The view is a coastal scene possibly referring to his Polish campaign. Frederik The Great was regarded as the greatest military mind of the age, expanding Prussia into the leading European power in the 18th Century.

He was an enlightened leader championing the arts and education as well as territorial gain. He was also a great modernizer and some of his architectural remain such as the Berlin State Opera House. Under his reign territories stretched from Poland to Bavaria annexing parts of Austria.

He is widely regarded as a homosexual having said after one particular defeat ‘"Fortune has it in for me; she is a woman, and I am not that way inclined."

It is a very grand and imposing work of art of a key figure in European history painted in the period.

Oil on canvas

67.3/4 x 50.1/4in. (172.3 x 128cm.) (excluding frame)

74.1/2 x 56.1/2in. (189.3 x 143.5cm.) (including frame)

In a new black wood frame

Condition: Oil on canvas, relined. Evidense of several tears, chips and losses, small patches of impainting. Paint surface slightly thin in the sky, good impasto. Cracquelure, shrinkage, surface dirt and varnish discolouration, some bubbling in the reline.