Henri Duvieux

(French, c. 1855 – 1902)

Sunset over the Venetian Lagoon

Oil on canvas

Indistinctly signed ‘H Duvieux’ (lower left)

16 x 25.5/8 in. (40.7 x 65.2 cm.)

Henri Duvieux was an artist who was influenced by Orientalism due to his travels in the Middle East and North Africa. He, unlike many of his fellow artists, was not so interested by the culture but more by the effect of light on the landscape and structure within his technique. He captures here precisely what he is aiming for with the lush palette of pinks, reds, blues, oranges and yellows. There is a broken up, yet very structured method which is both geometric before its time and in certain places almost abstracted. There is a very distinct horizontal linear effect throughout the work which is very much his trademark, in this he is like no other painter of the period. This particular example is one of the finer works to have come up due to the intensity of the colour.

Price: £6,600