This is attributed to Thomas Cromek (British, 1809-1873)

A pencil study of the Acropolis and the Temple of Jupiter, circa 1820 -1830

Pencil on paper in two joined parts

24 .1/4 x 33.1/4in. (to mount)

36.1/8 x 49in. (in frame)

Inscribed ‘Parthenon’ (upper left), ‘Convent/Canthorn of Demosthenes, Temple of Jupiter, Olympius (upper right)



Condition: There is a visible line where the paper has been joined through the vertical, various creases, possible repair to upper middle by join, tears partially repaired to periphery, creases, use of white chalk


The attribution for this work was given by Doctor Fani–Maria Tsigakou, an authority on Greek paintings.  She believes the work to have been executed around the years 1820-1830.  It is a very large example and extremely well detailed by a Master Draftsman.  One of the reasons of the confident attributions is the existence of a Minaret on the right hand side.  The Ottoman Turks occupied Greece until 1821.