Gustave Poetzsch may be known to us as Swiss in origin, but the vast majority of his life was spent in France. He came to Paris in 1892 and enrolled at the School of Fine Arts. He then studied in the workshops of Luc Olivier Merson and Gustave Moreau with the likes of Henri Matisse, Charles Camoin and Paul de Frick.

He painted scenes of the Belle Epoque in Paris, many of pretty ladies drinking absinthe in bars that could well have been frequented by the likes of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. His beach scenes from his holidays around Deauville are simply sublime. These examples are from the time he spent at the family home in Yssingeaux and it is here one gets a sense that he has real time to devote to his painting, without interruption. The confident and precise brushstrokes are complimented beautifully by his understanding of the Impressionist palette of the period.

Not much by this artist was on the open market until recently. It becomes clear why at present he is a little known painter, as the vast majority of his work was put up for auction from a single collection. The standard of the works in that sale was infinitely superior to previous offerings and thus some very high prices were achieved.  The skill of execution and sheer boldness of colour measure up well to practically any artist of the Belle Epoque. It stands to reason that right now Poetzsch is a very good investment. It is a gilt-edged opportunity to purchase a work from a forgotten master of the age, as he is increasingly recognised for the great painter he was.

Gustave Poetzsch (Swiss, 1870- 1950)

Les arbres aux environs d'Yssingeaux

Oil on canvas
Sigend 'Poetzch' (lower right)
30.3/4 x 25in. (78 x 63.5cm.) dimensions including frame

Condition: Oil on canvas, not relined.  Good impasto, paint surface in good order.  Good condition overall, In a silvered gilt frame.

Price: £3500


Gustave Poetzsch (French, 1870-1950)

‘Sunrise at the lake, Yssingeaux’, circa 1905

Oil on canvas

Signed and inscribed ‘Poetzsch / Yssingeaux’ (lower right)

31 x 37.1/2in. (79 x 95.3cm.) (excluding frame)

40 x 46.1/2in. (101.7 x 118.5cm.) (including frame)

Condition: Oil on canvas, relined. Cracquelure, mainly in an area of the sky. A few retouches, in good condition with good impasto. In a gilded composite frame with some chips, minor repairs and scuffs.

Price: SOLD

Gustave Poetzsch (Swiss, 1870 - 1950)

Scene du Directoire devant le Temple de l'amour, Versailles

Oil on canvas
31 x 25in. (78.8 x 63.5 cm.) dimensions including frame

Condition: Oil on canvas not relined, paint surface in good order.  Some good impasto.  Surface scratches to tree.  Otherwise in very good condition.  In a silver gilt frame with a few minor abrasions.  


Gustave Poertzsch (swiss, 1870-1950)

COUCHER du soleil, Yssingeaux

Oil on canvas

Signed and inscribed 'Poetzsch / Yssingeaux' (lower right)

31 x 37.3/4in. (78.7 x 95.7cm.)

40 x 46.3/4in. (101.5 x 118.8cm.)

Condition:  Relined, cracquelure, possible retouching to the sky.  Good impasto.  In good order.  In a gilt composite frame with minor scuffs and minor chips.

Price: £10,200

Gustave Poetzsch (Swiss, 1870)

‘Early evening, Yssingeaux’

Oil on canvas

Signed and inscribed ‘Poetszch / Yssingeaux’ (lower right)

21.5 x 18in. (54.5 x 46cm.) (excluding frame)

27 x 23.3/8in. (68.5 x 59.5cm.) (including frame)

Condition: Not relined. Overall in very good condition. Good impasto. Canvas would benefit from slight stretching (this is possible on the current stretcher). In a silver gilt frame in good condition.

Price: £2,500


gustave Poetzsch (Swiss, 1870 - 1950)

La ruisseau a Yssingeaux, coucher de soleil

Oil on canvas
Signed, inscribed and dated
'Poetzch / Yssigeaux / 1905' (lower right)
30.3/4 x 37in. (78 x 94cm.) dimensions including frame)

Condition:: Oil on canvas not relined, paint surface in very good condition.  With some good impasto.  In a silver gilt frame.  



Gustave Poetzsch (Swiss, 1870)

‘Figures in the market square, Yssingeaux’, France

Oil on canvas

Signed and inscribed ‘ Poetszch / Yssingeaux’ (lower right)

19.5 x 25.5in. (49.5 x 64.8cm.) (exluding frame)

25 x 30.3/4in. (63.5 x 78cm.) (including frame)

Condition: Not relined. Overall very good condition. Canvas would benefit restretching. Good impasto. Possible slight surface dirt. In a silver gilt frame in good condition.

Price: £2,500